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Board hears OE-3; Focus on Success

school board members and BPS administration The Bismarck School Board last night approved its Operational Expectation (OE-3) of Treatment of Community Stakeholders as being in compliance. March 25th, the Board will hear its first Results Report on science education in the district. April 8th, OE-9 will be presented on Communicating with the Public, which will include the results of a survey to be administered this month on how well the Board communicates with stakeholders in the community.

Last night the Board also heard a Focus on Success from Brittany Upton, the district’s Director of Professional Learning.  She reported that Mandan, Jamestown and West Fargo also have designated staff responsible for curriculum, instruction and assessments. The vision BPS staff development team is that “All students will have highly effective teachers who are skilled and competent, and to support and engage district staff in continuous improvement by promoting and providing meaningful, relevant, and collaborative professional development.”