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Bismarck Public Schools Administrative Shifts

In preparation for the 2021-2022 school year, shifts of key leadership positions will be occurring to optimize our workforce in a way that best operationalizes our strategic plan and serves our core values. 

Dr. Shawn Oban is being moved from his position at Myhre Elementary School to take the helm as principal of Horizon Middle School.  Dr. Oban’s track record of school leadership and public service make him well equipped to ensure the learning environment at Horizon is conducive to the best student outcomes and empowers every learner to thrive.  This new role will not only help to strengthen curricular alignment between elementary and secondary divisions, but his specialization in and passion for the arts will be invaluable when it comes to enriching our secondary arts program. Dr. Oban looks forward to the opportunity to serve as a lead learner who promotes excellence in accordance with our core values.  When asked to comment on his new role, Dr. Oban stated, “My experience at Myhre has been fantastic and I will always treasure the students, staff and families.  I believe in our school district and want to contribute when called upon.”

Dr. Tabby Rabenberg, in furtherance of our objective of augmenting curricular alignment to enhance the student transition process from elementary to secondary, will be leaving her position at Horizon Middle School to take on a principalship in our elementary division. Her exact assignment is yet to be determined as changes to the elementary leadership configuration have been necessitated by the building of two new elementary schools. Regardless of where she lands, Dr. Rabenberg is certain to bring a fresh perspective to our elementary division. Her passion for providing students with authentic learning experiences, along with expertise in STEM research/program design, will also enable her to assist in helping students to more fully embody our core value of innovation. Dr. Rabenberg stated, “this incredible opportunity allows me to enhance elementary and middle school student experiences in the STEM and Career and Technical arena.” 

Dr. Rabenberg and Dr. Oban will finish out the school year at their respective buildings prior to moving on to their new roles.