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Strategic Alignment is underway!

Strategic Alignment is underway!
By Dr. Jason Hornbacher, Superintendent 

The Bismarck Public School Board hired a consultant to complete a Strategic Alignment Study of internal and external factors that impact the effectiveness of Bismarck Public Schools. This study took place from December through March of this school year and was completed by Dr. Jeff Schatz.  Dr. Schatz conducted interviews and surveys of the Board, administration, and teachers. He also reviewed the following:

  • Board governance policies
  • District administrative policies
  • School district leadership structure
  • Strategic and operational plans
  • District demographic trends and facilities plans
  • Academic engagement and professional development
  • Technology use in the school district
  • ND DPI Dashboard – ND Insights & school district academic measurements
  • AdvancED accreditation report. 

Dr. Schatz identified strengths and challenges facing Bismarck Public Schools. He then provided recommendations for the Board to consider regarding the strategic direction of Bismarck Public Schools. They are as follows:

  • Develop a new strategic plan
  • Develop a long-range facilities plan
  • Develop a long-range technology plan
  • Develop a long-range financial plan
  • Implement the coherent governance policy model
  • Review coherent governance policies and administrative policies
  • Clarify central office roles and job responsibilities
  • Review teaching, learning, and professional development
  • Support instructional coaches
  • Review standards-based grading
  • Conduct a communication audit.

Bismarck Public Schools and our School Board will consider these recommendation in the coming months to determine next steps. This process may ultimately lead BPS into a process of a comprehensive strategic plan. The benefit of this goes beyond Bismarck Public Schools itself as the Bismarck Park Board and the City of Bismarck are also in the process of completing new strategic plans.  A new plan from Bismarck Public Schools may allow the three entities to engage in conversation around partnerships and commonalities between the three local plans.  Look for more information in the near future! The full report from Dr. Schatz is available at, About Us, Strategic Improvement, Strategic Alignment Study.