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BPS Free Meals & Free and Reduced Application

Apply for Free and Reduced Meals

Bismarck Public Schools would like to make all families aware that school meals will no longer be free.  The federal funding that allowed for free meals over the past two years has discontinued, as a result it is critical that families fill out our Free and Reduced-Price Meal application in order to determine if they are eligible for assistance.   Families can apply for free and reduced-price meals at:   

The application is online and only takes a few moments to fill out.  It is important to note that this application affects much more than school meals.  Here are a few examples of other areas impacted by the application:

  • School funding – the amount of overall funding the district receives is partially dependent upon our number of free/reduced students.  For this reason, it is important for us to have an accurate accounting of the needs within our district.
  • Athletics/Phys. Ed – Those approved for free/reduced meals may also receive discounts on athletic fees and uniforms.
  • Standardized tests – Families enrolled in free/reduced meal programs are eligible to have fees associated with national standardized tests (ACT, SAT, etc.) waived. 
  • And more – there are many other benefits associated with the application, from the waiving of college application fees to reduced rates for community education courses. 

As an added bonus, families who qualify for free or reduced-price meals prior to August 19 will receive a P-EBT card.  This card will be sent to families in Late August or early October with $391 to use towards purchasing groceries.  This is a federal benefit distributed by the state of North Dakota and is not affiliated with the school district.  Please contact with questions about this program.