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BPS Receives Common Sense Recognition

Bismarck Public Schools Recognized as Common Sense District for 2023-2024 School Year

Common Sense, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to helping kids and families thrive in a world of media and technology, has recognized Bismarck Public Schools as a Common Sense District for the 2023-2024 school year.

The Common Sense recognition was awarded to Bismarck Public Schools for its commitment to preparing students to use digital media to create, connect, and learn while equipping them with the tools needed to navigate potential dangers like cyberbullying, plagiarism, and loss of privacy. This recognition is given to districts that invest in a culture where the entire community collaborates to help kids thrive as digital learners and citizens. Misti Frink, the district’s Library Media Coordinator and member of the Learning Design and Innovation team, said, “BPS has a strong commitment to providing lessons in digital citizenship to all students. We have maintained a Common Sense credential since 2016 to better prepare our students to handle the challenges of the digital world.”

Bismarck Public Schools has been using Common Sense Education’s research-based digital citizenship resources, which were created in collaboration with researchers from Project Zero, led by Howard Gardner at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. “We applaud the faculty and staff of Bismarck Public Schools for embracing digital citizenship as an important part of their student’s education,” said Kelly Mendoza, Vice President of Education Programs at Common Sense Education.

Bismarck Public Schools has been certified as a Common Sense District since 2016. Community resources for digital citizenship are made available by BPS at