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Board Meeting Brief: 7/8/19

school board members sitting during meeting on July 8 Bismarck Superintendent Jason Hornbacher made a budget presentation to the School Board last night. He noted that while Bismarck Public Schools is the largest school district in the state, BPS is 10th in the number of mills levied for taxes by the 10 large school districts in North Dakota.  Hornbacher outlined some budget efficiencies made over the past few years, as well as job duties and positions which have been absorbed or not filled. Hornbacher says former Board members and administrators have “gotten it done for a very long time with very little” and he believes “it’s time to make an investment in students.” He said a five mill increase to the owner of a $200,000 home would cost $3.75 per month, for example. The Board will continue to discuss the topic and needs to approve a preliminary budget before August 10 and a final budget by October 10.   

The Board also approved the academic measure of elective courses as Making Reasonable Progress. Rick Geloff was elected as president of the board and Karl Lembke was named vice president. New administrators were introduced at the meeting. They are Danica Nelson, Special Education Director; Valerie Bakken, BECEP Coordinator, and Tony Fladeland, Moses Elementary School Principal.