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Several students will represent their schools in State Geography Bee

Several Bismarck Public School students will represent their schools in the State Geography Bee on Friday, March 29, at Bismarck State College. The list of state qualifiers will be announced March 4. The school winners are as follows: 

Centennial: 1st place, Nicolas Schlinger, grade 5; 2nd place Ty Backes, grade 5.

Grimsrud: 1st place, Beau Knaup, grade 5; 2nd place, Parker Beck, grade 4; third place, Matilde Toledo-Agudelo, grade 5.

Highland Acres: 1st place, Avery Hoyt, grade 5; 2nd place, Aubrey Vining, grade 5.

Liberty: 1st place, Jillian Lemer, grade 5; 2nd place, Vivian Backer, grade 4. 

Lincoln: 1st place, Ryan Mullally, grade 4; 2nd place, Max Chouinard, grade 5; and 3rd place, Camren Haase, grade 4.

Miller: 1st place Sean Peterschick, grade 5; 2nd place Aidan Campbell, grade 5; 3rd place Dylan Knell, grade 5.

Murphy: 1st place, Breckyn Wurtz; grade 4; 2nd place Eden Kraft, grade 5; 3rd place Kylah Anderson, grade 4.

Myhre: 1st place Haven Little Dog, grade 5; 2nd place Natalie Dionicio, grade 5; 3rd place Liam Howitt, grade 5.

Northridge: 1st place, Shane Quirk, grade 5; 2nd place, Ashton Hatten, grade 4; and 3rd place, Ben Logan, grade 5.

Pioneer: 1st place, Ryder Rukstad, grade 5; 2nd place Ryan Schmidt, grade 4.

Prairie Rose: 1st place Quinn Roberson, grade 5; 2nd place Jilian Quale, grade 5.

Roosevelt: 1st place, Elizabeth Repnow, grade 5; 2nd place, Xavier Noehre, grade 4.

Solheim: 1st place, Seth Peterson, grade 4; 2nd place, Zachary Tschosik, grade 4.

Sunrise: 1st place, Logan Donat, grade 5; 2nd place, Cade Nieuwsma, grade 5; 3rd place, Elisabeth Erbele, grade 5.

Will-Moore: 1st place, Tanner Frieze, grade 5; 2nd place, Jaeda Knopik, grade 5; 3rd place Karli McCloud, grade 5. 

Horizon: 1st place, Danielle Schill, grade 6; 2nd place Aiden Ngatia, grade 6; 3rd place Luke Larson, grade 6.

Simle: 1st place, Alexander Treasure, grade 7; 2nd place, Conner Wald, grade 8; 3rd place, Kaden Solemsaas, grade 6.

Wachter: 1st place, Hayden Posey, grade 7; 2nd place, Raghavaramananathane (Ragha) Igathinathane, grade 8; 3rd place, Jacob Farstad, grade 6.