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School Board talks about elementary space

school board members at table The Bismarck School Board last night (12/5/18) directed Superintendent Jim Haussler to put together some proposals for the Board to review regarding elementary enrollment and space needs in the district. This includes an audit of elementary building space. Business and Operations Manager Darin Scherr and Assistant Superintendent Brad Barnhardt will work with principals to determine the true capacity of each building.

Haussler says educational space needs have changed over time, which has changed our space requirements. Some schools are using music and collaboration rooms as classroom space; the physical size of classrooms varies from older to newer buildings; and more space is being used for specialists, small group learning, sensory rooms, etc.

Haussler will also bring back recommendations on possible changes to the school transfer policies and fall registration deadlines to help balance enrollment between schools that have space and those that are crowded. He will also meet with planning officials and developers regarding future growth hot spots and the possibility of future land acquisition or trading of land.