Program Overview

  • Renew[Ed] delivers Day Programming through a flexible, person-centered planning and support model, driven by each student’s expressed needs, interests, and goals.  The program has been intentionally designed to foster competence by providing educational and career-related experiences in a supportive environment.  The objective for Renew[Ed] is to ensure that students are provided with the opportunities necessary to excel, in alignment with the district’s Mission of “empowering every learner to thrive.”  

    Renew[Ed] operates out of 128 Soo Line Dr., Bismarck; however, it is important to note that students continue to receive support from their home school in collaboration with Renew[Ed] staff.  This “wrap-around” approach ensures that students receive support from a multitude of sources as needed, including teachers, social workers, specialists, behavior technicians, instructional assistants, and co-facilitators.  Renew[ed] is not a school – students in the program remain enrolled at their home school – but rather operates as an extension of each student’s school, providing more robust resources than may be found in a conventional classroom setting.  

    The expansion of Day Programming under the auspices of the Renew[Ed] team helps to prevent students from falling through the cracks.  The ultimate goal is that students who participate in this program are able to complete high school, find employment, receive post-secondary education, and thrive as community members. 


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  • Jen Barnhardt
    Student Services, Coordinator
    (701) 323-4000

    Jon Meier
    Student Services, Teacher on Special Assignment
    (701) 323-4000

    3237 East Broadway Ave 
    Bismarck, ND 58501