• Elk Ridge PTO

    We are excited to announce that our Elk Ridge PTO is officially up and running.  We look forward to working together with staff to help and support the Elk Ridge Community.   Please join our Facebook group at Elk Ridge Elementary and PTO .  

    Elk Ridge's Mission Statement is to:

    • Encourage parent collaboration and communication with all school staff
    • Enrich educational and recreational opportunities for our students
    • Support staff well-being
    • Provide and promote fundraising opportunities to support the goals of PTO

    Our Board Members are:

    Sarah Mack, President

    Michelle Westbrock, Vice President

    Larissa Schwab, Secretary

    Kristen McKeone, Treasurer

    Contact us at elkridgepto@gmail.com

    All families are invited and encouraged to attend. There are no set commitments or requirements, and all engagement is encouraged. Everyone is a member of PTO!

    Elk Ridge PTO meetings will take place the first Tuesday of every month at 6:30 pm at the school. It will be an exciting year! PTO will play an important role in working together with teachers, school administrators, and staff to enhance our student’s educational experiences. We are excited and thankful to be a part of something new and to build our PTO together!