ENGLISH 6..........Full Year
    Students will learn skills for effective written and oral communication by studying grammar, usage, spelling, and conventions of capitalization and punctuation. Students will gain experience with writing informative/explanatory texts, narratives, and arguments to support claims. Gaining experiences of using research to support student writing and speaking will be a focus along with integrating media and multi-media components.


    SOCIAL STUDIES 6..........Full Year
    Study begins with early civilizations in SW Asia, followed by Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, Ancient China, and the Middle Ages.  The importance of geography, political systems, difference in cultures, and the contributions and accomplishments of these early people are the foci.


    SCIENCE 6..........Full Year
    Students will experience and learn about key concepts in the topics of astronomy, weather, environments, and models and designs. Timely special interest topics such as robotics may also be part of the study.


    MATH 6..........Full Year
    The choice for most 6th grade students, Math 6 is aligned to the State Standards for Mathematics. Students focus on multiplying and dividing fractions and decimals, and converting among fractions, decimals and percent.  Students begin writing equations and expressions and solving equations.  Area and perimeter are also studied.  All students will be registered for Math 6 and will be placed in specific math courses after math assessment scores are analyzed.


    MATH 6 ACCELERATED.......... Full Year
    Students may be placed in this course after assessment scores are analyzed.

    Students in this course learn at an accelerated pace in order to study all of the 6th grade standards and approximately half of the 7th grade standards.   In addition to the 6th grade topics, students extend their understanding of fractions and decimals to solve problems involving all rational numbers, including those with negative signs.  Students also solve more complex problems involving proportions and percent.


    TRANSITIONAL MATH 6 .......... Full Year
    Students may be placed in this course after assessment scores are analyzed.

    This class is an alternative to the core math curriculum, for students that are two or more years below grade level. The course is designed to meet individual needs and help the student become proficient in mathematical concepts, computation, and problem solving in order to be ready to return to the core curriculum at the Algebra level.   Students enrolled in this course will also be enrolled in Math Strategies during their elective period.


    READING 6..........Full Year
    Students will be taught skills and strategies for reading in the content areas (non-fiction) as well as the skills and strategies for reading literature.


    PHYSICAL EDUCATION 6.......... Semester (Extended over the school year)
    Students will engage in activities to promote the benefits of physical activity and set goals relating to personal fitness. They will work toward improved motor performance during modified team and/or individual sports throughout the course.


    DIGITAL LITERACY.........Semester (Extended over the school year)
    Students will learn and apply technology skills.  They will use technology tools to communicate and collaborate, to access and evaluate information, and to create and present relevant products.  Students will also learn and demonstrate ethical behaviors and responsible use of technology tools.



    BAND 6.......... Full Year
    6th grade band gives students their first opportunity to learn to play a band instrument.  Emphasis is placed on learning the fundamentals of their instrument in a like-instrument sectional setting, but there are also regularly scheduled full band rehearsals each week during the class period.  Students will perform in several concerts throughout the year and may choose to participate in a solo/ensemble festival.  6th grade band students will also have the opportunity to audition for the Simle Jazz Band during the second half of the year.  It is highly recommended for 6th grade band students to attend our Bismarck Public Schools Beginner Band Camp at the beginning of August to get a jump start into the band experience.


    CHOIR 6..........Full Year
    6th Grade Choir is a non-auditioned choir, open to all 6th grade students.  Students will learn basic concepts of proper singing techniques through daily practice.  Students will develop new skills individually as well as in a choral ensemble.  Choir members are given the opportunity to explore different genres of music, music history, and music theory through vocal music literature.  Members will perform in required concerts (two per semester) with opportunities to further their abilities in optional events such as:  State, Regional and National Honor Choirs and Middle School Music Festival.


    ORCHESTRA 6.......... Full Year
    Students will have the opportunity to continue discovering the fundamentals of their stringed instrument, and will see accelerated improvement from 4th and 5th grade due to the daily class schedule. Our emphasis is full rehearsal, but there will also be time for like-instrument sectionals and coaching. Students will perform in several concerts throughout the year, and may choose to participate in the BPS Elementary and Middle School Solo/Ensemble Festival.

    **The prerequisite to this class is previous string instruction in the elementary schools or privately.**


    21st CENTURY LEARNING.......... Semester
    This course will cover basic study skills such as communication, problem solving, technology literacy, social skills. This is a semester long course being offered as an elective to 6th graders.


    ART 6..........Semester           $8.00 supply fee
    Students will create works of art using beginning techniques in drawing, painting & clay sculpture. They will be exploring pencil, colored pencil, tempera & clay to name a few.


    EXPLORING WORLD CULTURES ..........Semester          
     This is a 6th and 7th grade semester course exploring cultures around the world through project based learning and authentic learning experiences.


    INTRODUCTION TO TECHNOLOGY 6…………… Semester    Lab Fee $16.00
    This class will give you the opportunity to see what Technology and Engineering is all about. You will learn about the history of technology and where it can take you in your future. The correlation between Science and Technology, Engineering and Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, and Design will be presented through STEM centered activities.  Students will explore Woodworking, Safety and Tool Selection, Electronics and Basic Circuitry, Energy in North Dakota, Transportation Systems, 3D Design and Printing as well as a variety of Computer Applications.


    PHYSICAL FITNESS 6..........Semester
    Have fun while learning to maintain a healthy lifestyle!   Students will be introduced to a variety of group and individual exercise programs and activities through a combination of physical activity and classroom instruction.  This course will cover the basics of physical fitness (cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and muscular strength/endurance), as well as teaching students lifetime activities. 


    STEM 6..........Semester
    This course will empower students to become innovators in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Student will follow the Engineering Design Process to create projects related to energy, robotics, computer science and more. Sample projects will use Lego Robotics, digital science sensors, and online coding platforms. Students will also explore STEM careers.