• "All students will have highly effective teachers who are skilled and confident." 

    --BPS Staff Development Department Vision



    The mission of the Bismarck Public School District Staff Development Department is "to support and engage district staff in continuous improvement by promoting and providing meaningful, relevant, and collaborative professional development."


    Brittany Upton, Director of Curriculum/Instruction/Professional Learning

    Laurie Friesz,  Administrative Assistant

    Andrea Seibel K-12 Consultant/Staff Developer, MTSS, Academic Interventions, Data, Assessment 

    Tara Olson, 6-12 Curriculum/Professional Learning, Standards Based Education, ELA, Mentorship Program

    Nikki Szajkowski, K-8 Curriculum/Professional Learning, Math 

    Tina Pletan, K-5 Curriculum/Professional Learning, ELA & Social Studies, Reading Recovery, Mentorship Program

    Elsie Sheldon, K-5 Curriculum/Professional Learning, Math & Social Studies, Mentorship Program

    Sheyna Jensen, K-5 Curriculum/Professional Learning, ELA Science, Health, Mentorship Program