• General Boys Basketball Information

    *Make sure you have completed the Online Activities registration, uploaded your physical (7th & 8th Grade), and paid your activity fee before the first practice.

    *7th-8th grade boys basketball starts January 2, 2020

    *6th grade boys basketball starts October 28, 2019. 

    *Reminder to traveling teams: 7th and 8th grade athletes are not allowed to play in any traveling tournaments during our middle school season. 


    6th Grade Boys Basketball

    Mark Sheldon

    Koby Bosch

    November 6th Grade Basketball schedule

    December 6th Grade Boys Basketball Schedule

    Team Sheldon

    Team Bosch

    6th BB Rules

    6th grade BB Game Schedule


    7th Grade Boys Basketball

    Kevin Schmitcke- A Team
    John Healy- B Team
    Chad Even- C Team


    8th Grade Boys Basketball

    Cy Timmons- A Team
    Corey Greff- B Team
    Riley Riehl- C Team