June 1, 2020 we will start our summer running program! (Updated 5/24/2020)

    We meet Monday - Friday at 8:00 am.  
    Meeting places:
    Jaycee Park: Monday and Wednesday
    Pioneer Park: Tuesday and Thursday
    Misty Waters: Friday

    • Training groups will be limited to 4 runners and training groups will go on different routes and will be staggered. (National Federation of High Schools and Bismarck Public Schools) – require for groups to remain the same day-to-day)

    *Side note in regards to the outdoor handout from the Bismarck Public Schools. It say groups of 15, which includes coaches, while practicing social distancing at 6 feet. Obviously this isn’t doable while running. Hence the 4 per group max with social distancing taking place.

    You can join our Summer Running Google Classroom for information regarding running workouts, weight training, and keeping track of your running log.  To get the class code just email Coach Neset (boys coach) mark_neset@bismarckschools.org or Coach Porter (girls coach) michael_porter@bismarckschools.org  Make sure you share your logs even if you haven't started running yet. Make a copy to your google drive and share it. This only needs to happen once!

    We can't wait to see you on the 1st of June.


    Coach Neset & Coach Porter

    BPS Reentry Guidelines

    Horizon Track & Field Photos 2018

    Links to schedules, forms, order of events, results, and general information can be found on the boys track & field website here 

    Girls Track Coaches:

    Coaches contact information can be found here

    Lisa Jenkins - head coach/sprinters

    Kelly Fike - sprinters/hand offs

    Mark Hager - distance

    Derrick Leithold - jumpers

    John Doppler - throwers

    Brian Price - pole vault

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