• Sparta Families,


    First I hope this message finds you all well.  I know that our current situation is affecting families in many different ways and I want everyone to know that your Sparta teachers are here for you.  Your students have been in our classrooms for months now and we have gotten to know each one of them in unique ways.  We miss them and we are thinking of you all and hoping to get back to our building soon.  Please reach out to me or our team if there is anything you need and we will do our best to support you. 


    This is certainly a humanitarian crisis but it is not an educational one.  There is nothing in the next month that is so vital to your child’s education that it should rise to adding stress to your lives.  There are no gaps that cannot be filled.  There is no content that cannot be regained.  We as a team will provide engaging learning opportunities for your students and also be available for support and to answer questions.  We want students to be learning and stretching themselves during this time.  We want them to be asking questions and finding answers.  We want them to be bettering themselves through this education. 


    Students and their families will soon have access to a digital “learning board” that will share all the weeks learning targets for each class.  Teachers will include activities and lessons for students to engage with.  There is no time expectations being set on you or your students.  Please take whatever time is available to complete our goals each week.  


    If you or your student are frustrated by an assignment please reach out early to get support or answers to questions. We want this opportunity to show that learning happens everywhere and in many different ways to be as positive as possible.  Let us support you and your child as they experience a new form of education. 


    Please take this opportunity to connect with your child and their education in a way that might not have been possible before.   I know that each family’s circumstances are unique now more than ever.  We will do our best to work with students and families. 


    Take care of each other and we are excited about what Week 1 of virtual learning will look like! 


    We are all Team Sparta and we can do this! 


    Thank you,


    Dr. Ryan Townsend