Program Coordinator/Principal

  • Matt Fricke
    611 North 31st Street
    Bismarck ND 58501
    Phone: 701-323-4190

Program Coordinator/Principal

  • Shelly Swanson
    3320 McCurry Way
    Lincoln, ND 58504
    Phone: 701-323-4310


  • Gifted Education's mission is to recognize, challenge, and support students who are academically gifted.

    • Recognize - We acknowledge and embrace giftedness and realize the diverse ways giftedness is exhibited.
    • Challenge - We seek to expand and enhance learning opportunities for students who demonstrate high ability in academic areas. We help students who are gifted develop the skills for lifelong learning.
    • Support - We make deliberate efforts to identify students who are gifted by providing them with challenging learning opportunities and advocating for challenging curriculum. We offer resources to families so they might better understand their children who are gifted.