Counseling & Student Services

  • Student Services Secretary
    Katie Wald 701-323-4850 ext: 6262

    COUNSELOR CASELOAD- Students are divided up into five groups (depending on Last name). 

    Last Name A-D: Tyler Kurtz 701-323-4850 ext: 6255
    Last Name E-Ho: Jennifer Grandalen 701-323-4850 ext: 6266

    Last Name Hp-Mc: Mary Wagner 701-323-4850 ext: 6264 

    Last Name Md-Sc: Jennifer Berry 701-323-4850 ext: 6265

    Last Name Sd- Z: Liz Kappel 701-323-4850 ext: 6263

    The Counseling & Student Services Department is staffed by qualified counselors, 7:30am-3:30pm each day school is in session. The purpose of the counseling program is to help each student achieve his or her highest growth mentally, emotionally, and socially. Counseling services include the following:

    Individual Counseling
    Students may consult with their assigned counselor as needed.

    New Student Orientation 

    Counselors will assist new students as they transition to Legacy.

    Testing Services

    Information and application forms for the ACT Testing Program, SAT program, ASVAB, and the PSAT are available in the Student Services Office. To view a Prezi explaining the ACT Aspire Summative test results, click on the following link.

    Understanding ACT Aspire Summative results

    Career Information
    Representatives from colleges, technical and private schools and the armed forces visit the school on a continuing basis. Scholarships, financial assistance, and college applications are also available in the Counseling Office. The CHOICES program is also available for career exploration and information.

    Counselors are available to help students and families when referrals are necessary or requested for health and community services, social services, vocational rehabilitation, speech therapy, post high school education, and occupational information.