• Graduation Requirements for Bismarck Public Schools

    Credits required for graduation from Bismarck Public Schools = 24

    Required core credits = 15       Choose from the following:

    English – 4 credits of English

                   English 9

                   English 10, Honors English 10 or Cultural Literature/Art

                   English 11 or

                               English 11/U.S. History (American Pageant) 

                               Advanced Placement English 11

                   English 12 or

                                English 12 Flip

                                World Lit

                                Advanced Placement English 12


    Mathematics – 3 credits of mathematics

                   Algebra I is required, or

                               Algebra I – Year 1

                               Algebra I – Year 2

                               Algebra I Block

                   Informal Geometry


                   Enriched Geometry

                   Career Mathematics

                   Math Applications

                   Algebra Plus        

                   Algebra II or Enriched Algebra II

                   College Algebra

                   Probability & Statistics

                   Applied Trigonometry

                   Pre-Calculus or Enriched Pre-Calculus

                   Advanced Placement Calculus AB or BC

                   CTE – Math for the 21st Century       


    Physical Education – 2 credits of physical education (one semester each year)

                  Phy. Ed. 9

                  Phy. Ed. 10 or Lifetime Wellness

                  Phy. Ed. 11 or Lifetime Wellness 


                    Phy. Ed. 12 or



                                    Family Living


                                    Lifetime Wellness

                                    Strength and Conditioning


    Science – 3 credits of lab science

                    Physical Science is required, or

                                 Integrated Science

                                Conceptual Physics, Chemistry, Physics

                    Biology is required, or

                                Advanced Placement Biology

                                Integrated Science

                                Honors Biology

                                CTE –Botany/ Horticulture

                    Integrated Science




                    Conceptual Physics


                    Advanced Placement Chemistry

                     Advanced Placement Physics I & II

                    Advanced Placement Biology

                    CTE – Agri-Science Technology

                    CTE – Botany/ Horticulture


    Social Studies – 3 credits of social studies

                    Global Studies or World History I & II

                    U.S. History 1914/1945 or

                               English 11/U.S. History (American Pageant)

                    Advanced Placement U.S. History

                    Government (semester) or Advanced Placement Government (full year)

                    Economics (semester)

    In addition, 3 elective credits must be in foreign or Native American languages, fine arts, or career and technical education courses. Students must also pass the National Civics Test.

    North Dakota University System (NDUS) Admission Requirements

    4 credits of English; 3 credits of mathematics, Algebra I and above; 3 credits of laboratory science; 3 credits of social studies

    The NDUS strongly recommends that high school students intending to enroll in four-year universities take Algebra II and two credits of a single classical or modern language. Many out of state colleges require two or more credits of the same language, a credit of fine arts, or other requirements. Check with college websites for specific college requirements. 

    Early Graduate

    Students who have earned 24 credits and have met all graduation requirements may be able to graduate at the end of the first semester of their senior year. Early graduates will not be allowed to leave BHS or CHS prior to the completion of first semester to enroll elsewhere. They are welcome to enroll in another institution but must make known to the proper personnel that they will not start classes until the first semester ends.  See your counselor for an early graduate form.