Meal Prices

  • Current Meal Prices....

    Milk (1/2 pint) $.40  (Milk is included with all purchased meals.) 

    Milk charges happen only when:

    1. Taking additional milk or

    2. Take a milk without purchasing a meal (bringing your own lunch)

    Breakfast: $1.45
    Lunch: $2.35

    Secondary  (Middle/High School)
    Breakfast: $1.55
    Lunch: $2.85

    Breakfast: No Charge
    Lunch: $.40

    Breakfast: No Charge
    Lunch: No Charge

    Breakfast: $2.50
    Lunch: $4.00

  • When students are approved for Free or Reduced meals, it covers reimbursable meals, but does not include any Ala-Carte items.  Ala-carte is an additional food item that can be purchased at full price if a student has funds in their lunch account or cash to cover the cost.  There is no charging allowed for al-carte items.


  • MyPaymentsPlus - MyPaymentsPlus is linked directly to your student’s school information, enabling us to show real-time balances and invoices.  Whether you’re viewing meal purchases, renting a locker, or paying for activities, MyPaymentsPlus ensures you never miss a beat.  You can also sign up to receive free low-balance emails. 

    Facilities Rental fees are also payable with MyPaymentsPlus, just enter the invoice number and amount under the “Other” option. 

    MyPaymentsPlus User Guide

Ala Carte Price List

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.