Meal Prices

  • Current Meal Prices....

    Milk (1/2 pint) $.50  (Milk is included with all purchased meals.) 

    Milk charges happen only when:

    1. Taking additional milk or

    2. Take a milk without purchasing a meal (bringing your own lunch)

    Breakfast: $1.45
    Lunch: $2.35

    Secondary  (Middle/High School)
    Breakfast: $1.55
    Lunch: $2.85

    Breakfast: No Charge
    Lunch: No Charge - State Free (2023/2024 school year)

    Breakfast: No Charge 
    Lunch: No Charge - Federal Free  

    Breakfast: $2.50
    Lunch: $4.00

  • When students are approved for Free or Reduced meals, it covers reimbursable meals, but does not include any Ala-Carte items.  Ala-carte is an additional food item that can be purchased at full price if a student has funds in their lunch account or cash to cover the cost.  There is no charging allowed for al-carte items.

Ala Carte Price List

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