Student Council
    The Sunrise Student Council provides a voice for students in our school community. It provides an opportunity for students to develop leadership skills and practice service learning. The Student Council takes an active role in promoting school spirit and organizing service projects to make our school and community a better place.  All students in grades four and five can apply for a position on the Student Council. Three members are chosen from each fourth and fifth grade classroom.  As leaders in the school, Student Council members are expected to be positive role models who routinely demonstrate the LIFESKILLS and the Code of the Den.  Sunrise Elementary School is proud to have students taking an active role in providing leadership and service to our school and community!

    Lion’s Den
    The Lion’s Den program allows students to experience leadership and service learning opportunities within the school community.  Students in grades four and five may participate in the Lion’s Den.  Members are required to demonstrate responsibility by following Sunrise School Code of the Den.  Students may apply for a position in one of the following roles: 

    Recycling Crew
    Promote recycling in the school community. Empty the recycling containers from the classrooms and work areas in the school once each week.  Each crew member is assigned a route in the school.                         

    Library Lions
    Assist our school community by helping shelve books in the library during the morning recess (8:00 – 8:25). 

    Sunrise Speakers
    Assist our school community by giving a morning announcement about the LIFESKILL of the week.  (8:30-8:40).

    Students are required to get the signature of their parent/guardian and their classroom teacher to participate.

    Kids on the Block (KOB)
    Fifth grade students can participate in the Kids on the Block puppeteering program. This internationally acclaimed program, addresses a wide range of topics that affect today’s children. 

    Different groups of students practice throughout the year.  Practices are held during their noon recess time once each week. Students are provided scripts and training in the Bunraku method of puppeteering. The students rehearse the scripts until they are memorized and then begin working with the puppets and other props. Some memorization may need to be done at home. The Sunrise Puppeteers perform for younger children in our own school.  They perform scripts on safety, drug prevention, bullying prevention and problem solving.