• Roughrider Mentor Program

    Centennial Elementary began a new program in the fall of 2016 to improve the school’s overall behavior and climate – the Roughrider Mentor Program.  It helps to build leadership skills within our fifth grade students and influences positive behavior in the younger students.  Individuals that wish to serve as a Roughrider Mentor are required to apply and interview for the opportunity to serve.  Mentors spend recess and lunch time with kindergarten and first grade students to ensure they are acting respectful, responsible, and safe. 

    Roughrider Mentors model expected behavior themselves and keep younger students on track with gentle reminders.  They are never asked to provide discipline to students.  Mentors go over expectations and receive training and direction from the school counselor, Miss Bothun. Being a mentor means they are a role model for the entire student body but especially for the impressionable younger grade levels.  Roughrider Mentors are asked to sign a contract promising to follow general school expectations and are required to adhere to the following guidelines:

    • Show up for their shift on time.
    • Coordinate for a substitute mentor when they anticipate an absence.
    • Take their job as a Roughrider Mentor seriously especially while on shift.
    • Finish all school work.
    • Put forth their best effort behaviorally and academically in the classroom.
    • Display respectful, responsible, and safe behavior at all times according to Centennial Elementary expectations.

    Over 75% of our fifth grade body chose to participate as a Roughrider Mentor in the first year and we are very proud of the positive and noticeable impact this program has had on our school.