General Route Information - All Routes

  • Routing: Bus routes, schedules, and stops will be developed under the direction of the superintendent and shall be communicated to parents whose children use the transportation system. The purpose of bus scheduling and routing will be to achieve maximum service with a minimum fleet of buses consistent with rendering reasonable equal service to all students. Bus routes will follow the most direct roads practicable for bus travel to serve those students entitled to transportation service. Where an alternate route may be selected without sacrifice of efficiency or economy, preference will be given to that route serving the largest number of students more directly. Routes will be designed to eliminate as many turn around points as possible, and to employ as nearly as practicable the full carrying capacity for each bus trip. No bus will be overloaded. New routes will be established only when full capacity of the trips on existing routes has been reached or is imminent.

    Home to school distances will be determined by routing software that the Bismarck Public Schools uses.

    Bus Conduct - At Bismarck Public Schools we are Safe, Respectful, and Responsible while on the bus

    In view of the fact that a bus is an extension of the classroom, children will be required to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the established standards of classroom behavior. Schools are responsible for the behavior of the students on the school bus and must be diligent in enforcing the bus rules as follows:

    • Students are to remain seated facing forward while the bus is moving.
    • Talk to seat neighbor and bus driver in a respectful inside voice using appropriate language.
    • Keeps hands, feet, and personal items to yourself.
    • Food and drink are not permitted on the bus, water is permitted.
    • Students will be expected to board and depart the bus in an orderly manner keeping a safe distance from the bus.
    • Students will be charged for any damage to the bus or bus seats.

    If there are any questions please call the Transportation Office at 323-4500.