• Our school staff recently met as a team to create a Portrait of a Learner, a reflection of what we hope students are able to know and do as an Elk Ridge Explorer. It guides our instruction and helps us focus on the ultimate goal of how we can help our students become successful graduates of Bismarck Public Schools. As the students learn, we want to lead them on a path of being curious, and having a growth mindset. When challenges arise, they will be problem solvers and persevere. As they move on their learning path, they will also have opportunities to work in teams to collaborate and communicate to work towards a goal while showing empathy and kindness. Elk Ridge learners think critically and are able to reflect on learning, make connections and creatively solve problems. As students experience each of these "waypoints" on the trail of education, their backpack of skills is filled with tools to help them succeed. Mrs. Paulson, our music teacher, wrote a school song that incorporates this journey for our school. We are so excited to bring our students and families along on this adventure!


    Portrait of a Learner