• Grading at Bismarck Public Schools: What to Expect

    It is the Mission of Bismarck Public Schools to “empower every learner to thrive.” In order to realize this Mission, Bismarck Public Schools aligns its curricular program to North Dakota state standards, as well as life and work-ready skills. Detailed information about the curricular program at BPS may be found at www.bismarckschools.org/curriculum

    As students engage in learning, grades are issued to assess their progress in prioritized standard areas (prioritized standards are areas identified by BPS as being most essential for work and life readiness). The following points are important to consider as students are assessed:

    • Grading and assessment expectations are communicated to learners and families through a variety of channels, including syllabi, newsletters, email updates, and more.  Questions regarding grading practices should first be directed to your learner’s teacher, and then to building administration if further support is needed.

    • BPS strives to provide clear and consistent grading practices to promote equitable learning outcomes.

    • Although BPS schools are aligned on important common grading practices, each school has individualized grading policies. Feel free to reach out to teachers for information specific to your learner.

    • Grading is not meant to be punitive in nature; learners are provided equitable opportunities to demonstrate growth.  

    • BPS works to ensure grading practices provide a reliable assessment of learner progress. Student performance on external assessments (such as state testing)  is referenced against BPS-provided grades to ensure consistency. 

    • Parents are encouraged to follow their learner’s progress in PowerSchool.


    We thank you for partnering with BPS in your learner’s education. Please feel free to contact your student’s teacher if you have a question about grades.