• Horizon Middle School and the BPS Indian Education Program began an Indigenous Student Circle Group four years ago as a targeted cultural intervention for Indigenous students in Grades 6-8.  "Circle Forward - Building a Restorative School Community" is the source material guiding our Circle Group. Circle is rooted in Indigenous practices promoting oral tradition and listening skills. It is a process of communication that helps all participants connect with their culture.  Students who identify as Indigenous gain a sense of belonging and an opportunity to learn about Tribal cultures that they are disconnected from when living off-reservation.

    In 22-23, there was a concerted effort to open the Circle to students of all backgrounds, while being intentional about the focus remaining on the cultural teachings of the local Tribal Nations.  Because of the increase in student attendance, we conducted multiple groups.  In 23-34, Circle will meet once a week in the library.  Announcements and emails will be sent to students and staff in the first week of school with details about when Circle will meet.