• The after-school pick-up procedures not only provide for the safety and security of your student(s), but also to eliminate the amount of congestion in our main entrance after school.

    Students who do not participate in after-school activities at the Horizon Middle School campus are to be off school grounds by 3:50 PM as we do not have supervision beyond that time and the main doors will be locked. Also, students will be required to wait outside of the building for their rides after school, so please be sure your student(s) come to school dressed appropriately for the weather. We will consider having them wait inside if we face extremely cold or wet conditions.

    With this change, if your student(s) is/are involved in after-school activities, they will need to be picked up at either door 7 (east side of the building) or door 15 (north side of the building) as there will no longer be access to the main doors after 3:50 PM.

    As in previous years, bus students must report to the Cafetorium after school as the bus pick up is on the north side of the building.  If you would like your student enrolled in bussing, please contact the Transportation Department (323-4500) for assistance. You qualify for bussing if you live further than 1 mile from Horizon Middle School.

    We ask you to please help us with this matter. We will be communicating it in our morning announcements for students each of the first 7 days of school. Having a plan in advance with your student(s) at home will go a long way in promoting the safety and security of your students and their school.

    If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Shawn Oban, Douglas Vanderpan, or Jacob Knodel.

    Again, thank you for your help with this change in practice.