• 2024-2025

    Please read through steps 1-3 before starting. 
    Registration is open throughout the school year, but parents are strongly encouraged to register their K-5th grade students as soon as possible to help ensure placement in their neighborhood school. The sooner a student is registered, the higher the probability of them attending their boundary school. Due to capacity limitations, those who wait too long may be placed in a different school and required to wait until the following year to be enrolled in their boundary school.  

    The registration process should take approximately 20–30 minutes per student for a new registration. 
    It is recommended to collect the following information prior to beginning the online registration process, so you can easily upload it to the applicable locations. 
    You can also choose the option to present documents in person, by email, mail or fax. 

    Open House dates will be announced by each school individually, completed student registrations will be invited by their boundary school. 

    Per BPS policy, proof of residency is required to attend a Bismarck school. Please submit your registration even if you don't have all your documents at the time of registration. The registration office will contact you. 
    Needed documents:

    *Students in transition or temporary housing are not required to submit documentation in order to enroll in school as defined in the McKinney-Vento act. 

    Please remember that only the parent that initiates the online registration process can make changes. 
    You will need an email address to access online registration. If you don't have one, click here to create one.

    1. find your school:

    2023/2024 find your school using your address

    2. You can register for the Kindergarten school year! 2024/2025 Registration Link


    (If possible, have your documents ready to upload before you submit your completed registration. Don't worry if you can't finish it all at once, you can pick up where you left off. You must hit the "Save & Sign out" button located on the top right of the screen in the circular button with your initials on it. This is very important if you plan on using a public computer)

     3. Lastly, once you have submitted your online registration and have uploaded all of the necessary documents, your submission will be verified and you WILL NOT need to create an appointment. If you are unable to meet, you can send documents to Central Registration by fax or email. 
    Our office will contact you by email or phone with more information of what happens next.

    If you cannot upload your documents you can email or fax them to the Registrar. 
    Email: Registrar@bismarckschools.org or fax 701-323-4111.

    4. Here are some useful tools to print out or request a copy at your school.

    Before and/or After School Programs:

    • BLAST (Centennial, Elk Ridge, Grimsrud, Liberty, Murphy, Northridge, Prairie Rose, Silver Ranch, Solheim, and Sunrise)
    • CREA (MREC) (Lincoln, Miller, Moses, Myhre, Pioneer, and Will-Moore)
    • YMCA (available to all schools in Bismarck but only provides transportation to and from the schools listed on their website.)
    • After School Program (Roosevelt & Highland Acres)

    What to expect your 1st year with Bismarck Public Schools

    Free/Reduced meal application

    Important immunization notice

    Transportation information

    Kindergarten readiness brochure

    My Payments Plus (for school meal accounts, activity fees, etc.)

    How to create a PowerSchool account

    Johnson O'Malley Eligibility Certification (for Native American students that don't have tribal ID to upload)

    For more parent information and resources, go to the Parents tab.