• Bismarck Public Schools is committed to identifying and serving the unique needs of students with advanced learning abilities. Each of Bismarck’s elementary schools is staffed with at least one gifted education specialist. The specialists work together as a team, and in ongoing collaboration with classroom teachers, to identify student needs and develop a learning path that will maximize potential, support social-emotional growth, and nurture areas of interest.

    Through enrichment, extended learning, and acceleration, students with advanced learning aptitude are engaged in appropriately challenging ways that stretch and grow their abilities, imagination, and academic achievement. Bismarck Gifted Education combines a nurturing of interests and curiosity, with challenging learning opportunities that advance and motivate students academically. Gifted Education specialists also provide information and support to parents on the unique needs of their students.

Mission and Vision

  • BPS Mission - “Empower every learner to thrive.”

    Gifted Education Mission - Gifted Education empowers students to maximize growth and cultivate talent in academic and affective domains helping students reach their full potential.

    Vision - Bismarck Public Schools believes that gifted students have unique learning and social/emotional needs. Gifted Education supports a challenging learning environment that focuses on growth for every gifted student, as well as meets their unique social and emotional needs through a collaborative partnership between staff, students, and families.

Coordinators and Contact Information