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    Busing Procedures for BECEP Students

    Children enrolled in Head Start and Early Childhood Special Education may apply for busing. Applications are available in the BECEP office.

    BECEP transports many children and strives to maintain a schedule, so that children have the shortest ride possible.  The bus will load and unload from the street.  Eating or drinking is not allowed on the bus.  Children will be buckled into the five point harness.  A rider is on all BECEP buses to supervise the children while on the bus.

    The designated adult should be ready for the bus to pick up or drop off the child within 10 minutes of the scheduled bus pick-up or drop-off time.  

    A child needs to ride the bus consistently and follow the arranged plan in order to continue busing services.  A child cannot get on or off the bus at any address other than the one that is on the Busing Request form.  For safety reasons, it is necessary to have a consistent designated pick-up and drop-off address for each child.  If more than one address is involved consistently, parents will be asked to fill out a monthly bus schedule.  Any bus changes must be submitted to the BECEP Office two school days in advance of the change.  

    If the child misses the bus for two consecutive days and the parent/guardian has not contacted the Transportation Department, the bus will not stop again until the Transportation Department has been contacted at 701-323-4500 requesting that transportation resume.

    Designated adults are asked to be at the drop-off address 10 minutes before the scheduled drop-off time to take the child off the bus.  Bus monitors are not available to walk children to the door.  The emergency contacts can also get the child off the bus at the designated drop-off address.  The parent must inform the office if someone else is meeting the bus.  The person taking the child off the bus will need to show a picture ID.

    The Transportation Office will maintain a consistent pick-up and drop-off schedule so parents will know when the bus will pick-up and drop-off the child. If the bus schedule changes significantly, parents will be notified.

    To cancel busing for pick-up, parents must notify the Transportation Department at 701-323-4500 at least 30 minutes prior to scheduled pick-up time.  To cancel busing for drop-off, contact the BECEP office at 701-323-4400 at least 30 minutes before the end of the class session.  

    For those families that do not have a telephone, a STOP/GO sign will be provided by BECEP to be placed in a window that is visible to the bus driver to indicate that the bus should STOP to pick up the child or GO if the child is not riding the bus that day.  It is the parent's responsibility to notify the office at BECEP when they no longer have a phone.

    It is essential to maintain safety and well-being of all children riding the bus.  Children will be buckled into the bus seat.  A bus monitor is on all BECEP buses to supervise the children.  When the bus driver determines the child's behavior becomes a safety issue, a report will be turned into the Transportation Supervisor who will work with the bus driver, BECEP staff, and family to resolve the situation.

    Only designated adults may take BECEP children off the bus.  Children will be returned to BECEP if a designated adult does not meet the bus.  If the child is returned to BECEP two times, then an individual transportation plan will be developed with the family by the BECEP Family Advocate (and other BECEP staff as needed), Transportation staff and the child care provider (if applicable).  If the child returns to school three times, busing services will be suspended for one week.  

    If the child is not picked up from BECEP by the agreed upon timeframe or we are unable to contact an authorized adult to pick up the child, Burleigh County Social Services will be called. 

    It is the family's responsibility to keep the contact information and emergency contact information up-to-date at all times.

    You can complete registration for BECEP ECSE Transportation by clicking on the link below and completing the form.  If you have any questions, please contact BECEP at 701-323-4400

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