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Welcome to Supporting Our Kids in A Digital World

  • In this introduction, Misti Frink, Library Media Coordinator at Bismarck Public Schools, welcomes you to the site, and shares with you how to interact with all of the sessions, Q&A link, and  shares the upcoming date for the parent night panel.

A Parent's Guide to Setting Technology Boundaries

  • This content was created by Sarah Francetich, Library Media Specialist at Simle Middle School. Sarah describes ways in which parents can promote safe settings and boundaries for their kids while thinking about the digital world that kids are apart of.
    A Parent's Guide to Setting Technology Boundaries

Why School Might Look Different These Days

  • Dr. Scott McLeod, a Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Denver, CO, explains to us the importance of a digital presence allowing students to do great things, and how students and schools are learning to embrace constant change.

How Parents Can Address Social Media Challenges

  • Join Common Sense Education as they explore how, "young people want to be a part of something, whether good or bad. How can we support our kids to think about the implications of their actions amid all the viral social media "challenges" that have been appearing recently? Join us for tips and strategies on talking to your kid about the latest social media challenge – both the viral and everyday kinds."

Selecting Quality Content for Your Family

  • Join Common Sense Education as they explain, "How can I find high-quality TV, movies, video games, and apps for my kids that go beyond racial stereotypes or help them learn new concepts? How can I find media for my family that we all feel good about? Join us as we share our Common Sense Selections, which focus on age-appropriate movies, TV series and specials, and games that have the potential to spark conversations, entertain families of all kinds, and have a positive, lasting effect on society."

Risk-Taking: A Key to Learning and Building Relationships

Keeping You Safe: Sharing Information

  • Jason Mattheis is a Technology Specialist at Edutech, North Dakota's Educational IT department. Jason discusses what to consider when producing social media content, and asks very engaging questions to lead parents and students through the process.
    Keeping You Safe: Sharing Information

Social Media Basics for Parents

  • Join Common Sense Education as they explain, "What is social media, and why are my kids constantly on it? What do I need to be aware of to keep them safe, especially when adults aren't around? Join Common Sense to learn the basics of social media -- we'll cover the key differences between Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram, and why kids love them. You'll leave with tips and strategies for staying on top of the latest trends, because you can't be there all the time."

Parenting in a Digital Age

  • Join Common Sense Education as they explore, "What are ways I can set healthy boundaries and support my kids to use technology safely and appropriately? Join Common Sense as we discuss how to have open conversations with our kids about the benefits and challenges of technology in our lives."