ND State Scholarship


    On Monday, April 19, Governor Burgum signed SB 2289, which re-defines the requirements for the North Dakota Academic and CTE Scholarships. The bill establishes the “North Dakota Scholarship,” which will eventually replace the current Academic and CTE Scholarships.

    The new North Dakota Scholarship will be implemented over the course of the next three years. Students graduating in 2022, 2023, or 2024 will be able to use EITHER the current Academic/CTE Scholarship Requirements or the new North Dakota Scholarship requirements. The current Academic and CTE Scholarships will sunset after the class of 2024 graduates, and starting with the graduating class of 2025, students will ONLY be able to qualify using the new North Dakota Scholarship requirements. As is currently the case with the Academic/CTE Scholarships, students may only receive ONE of these scholarships for a maximum total of $6000. 

    Please review the North Dakota Scholarship Framework which outlines the scholarship requirements. To become  eligible for the new North Dakota Scholarship, students must complete the essential skills portion at the top of the chart, and then two of the three sets of requirements (Post-Secondary Ready, Workforce Ready, and Military Ready) at the bottom of the chart. For more information on the Academic, CTE, and North Dakota Scholarships, please read the guidance or visit the DPI website.

    Applications for the Academic, CTE, and North Dakota Scholarships will open on Monday, January 3, and will remain open until Friday, June 3. Please send WorkKeys scores to NDDPI. Please contact Jim Upgren at 701-328-2244 with questions related to the state scholarship.