Summer School Information



    SESSION 1:  June 3 – June 21          SESSION 2:  June 24 – July 16 (no classes July 4-5)


    School Hours:

    • All classes begin at 8:00 a.m. on Monday, June 3 for the first day of summer school.
    • After the first day, all classes, with the exception of Physical Science, Biology & Chemistry, will meet from 8:00am to 12:00pm. Science classes are held from 7:30am-12:30pm and may have afternoon obligations for field trips (scheduled by the instructor). Some of these may last into the late afternoon/evening and are mandatory.        

    Student Chromebook:

    • Summer School students (with the exception of PE students) will pick up their chromebooks in the LHS Learning Commons on the first day of Summer School – June 3.
    • Chromebooks must be returned upon withdrawal/completion of summer school.


    • Absences must be excused by a parent/guardian on the day of the absence. Please call 323-4862 to do so.
    • A student who is absent more than 6 hours in a 3-week semester will be withdrawn.
    • Hours excused for medical reasons will count toward the 6-hour absence limit.
    • Students are required to be in attendance on the final test day of EACH SEMESTER and cannot use any of the 6-hour absence limit on those days. An absence on either of the semester exam days will result in withdrawal and a failing grade for that semester.
    • Excessive tardiness (more than 5), unexcused absences, detentions (more than 1), or any suspension may result in dismissal from summer school. Minutes that a student is tardy will accumulate towards the 6 hour absence policy.
    • If a student withdraws from a class after the third day, the grade will be recorded as a W (withdrawal, no grade, no credit). If the student withdraws after the tenth day the grade will be recorded as a WF (withdrawal fail, no credit, counted as an “F” and will be included in the student’s GPA). The W or WF will also be applied if a student misses more than the six-hour absence maximum.

    Closed Campus:

    • Summer school operates as a closed campus. Students are not allowed in the parking lot or off campus during the morning break without an administrator’s permission. Violation of this rule will result in immediate dismissal from summer school. The Marketplace is open every day during summer school for snacks (9:45am-10:15am), and lunch (11:45am-1:00pm).

    Cell Phones/Electronic Devices:

    • Cell phone use is allowed at the discretion of the instructor. Any disrespect to this will result in the instructor confiscating the phone until the end of class. Students who violate this policy will be required to turn in the device to administration each day until the end of the session.

    Behavior/Dress Code:

    Any violation of school rules that would result in a suspension during the regular school year will be cause for dismissal from summer school. Students are required to wear school-appropriate clothing and follow the LHS dress code. Blankets are not allowed in the classroom during learning time.