Summer School Attendance


    SESSION 1: June 3 - June 21      SESSION 2: June 24 - July 16 (no classes July 4-5)

    Summer School has it's own unique Attendance Policy. Student attendance is calculated by minutes present or absent - not days, as in the typical school year. We hope the following guidelines will help you understand the Attendance Policy a bit better:

    • Students are allowed to miss a maximum of 6 hours per 3 week semester/session
    • Absences must be excused by a parent/guardian on the day of the absence
    • A student who is absent more than 6 hours in a 3-week semester/session will be withdrawn
    • Hours excused for medical reasons count towards the 6-hour absence limit.
    • Students are required to be in attendance on the final test day of EACH SEMESTER/SESSION and cannot use any of the 6-hour absence limit on those days. An absence on either of the semester exam days will result in withdrawal and a failing grade for that semester.
    • Excessive tardiness (more than 5), unexcused absences, detentions (more than 1), or any suspension may result in dismissal from summer school. Minutes that a student is tardy will accumulate towards the 6 hour absence policy.