Sick Leave Bank

  • Staff members new to the Bismarck Public School District have a one-time opportunity to join the Sick Leave Bank by donating one day of sick leave within the first thirty days of employment with the District. Employees would have to donate an additional day of sick leave if the balance of the Sick Leave Bank was below 500 days.  The Sick Leave Bank was created in 1998 and each member has only donated one day to the bank. 

    The Sick Leave Bank was created to provide a resource to employees who are impacted by a catastrophic illness or injury and do not have any accrued leave available to use during their time off.  An employee, who is a member of the sick leave bank, can apply for days from the sick leave bank if they, their spouse or child has a catastrophic illness or injury and the employee has use all of their available leave.  The application for days from the sick leave bank is reviewed by a committee of three district employees who are members of the sick leave bank.

    The following are parameter of receiving days from the sick leave bank:

    • All accumulated sick, personal and vacation leave days have been used and the employee would need to take more than five days of leave without pay.
    • The application must outline the reason for needing days from the bank along with a medical doctors’ certificate verifying the severity, nature, and projected duration of the illness or injury.  All medical information will be kept confidential and the members of the sick leave bank will not be given the name of the individual applying for days from the bank.
    • If the employee’s illness or injury qualifies for disability coverage, the employee must apply for long-term disability coverage, the HR Manager will verify to the Committee if an application for disability has been filed. 
    • Participants can be granted up to 20 days of sick leave per application and a maximum of 80 days per school year.

    The following forms can be accessed through the iVisions site:
    Sick Leave Bank Request Form 
    HIPAA Authorization for Release of Information
    Employee Serious Medical Condition Form
    Family Member Serious Medical Condition Form 

    For more information on the sick leave bank request form, please contact Paulette Kerzmann or (701) 323-4072.