• Historical Society of LHS

    Eligibility Requirements:
    Members must be students of Legacy High School.

    Description of Club:
    The Historical Society of LHS prepares students interested in the humanities, namely history, government, and English. We explore current events and policy positions in relation to historical events and movements. In short, we have conversations that improve our community and help discover a “more perfect Union”. Members will develop and enrich public speaking skills, professional and organizational skills, and will become active, future citizens of their community and country.

    Time Commitment:
    Weekly meetings occur from 7-8 am in A212. Those serving in officer positions for the society will be asked to work on details outside of this meeting time. Events/activities may allow for additional time to be spent on Historical Society engagements. . 

    Procedures for Joining:
    Attend a meeting and get your name on the list!

    Activity Time Period:
    September through May

    Membership Limit:

    Landen Schmeichel