• Register and Pay for an AP Exam

    AP Registration and Payment Video: this video provides step-by-step instructions to the AP Exam payment process.  Please note that this is the 4th year we have used Total Registration, so if your student took an AP Exam in previous years, you should have an existing Total Registration account.  Also please note that there are portions of the video that are dated, please ignore as the majority of the video is still very relevant today, thank you!

    How do I register and pay for an AP Exam?

    There is a two-step process to register for AP exams.

    Step 1 – the student must log-in or create a MyAP account to confirm registration for the exam through CollegeBoard.  Students complete this step in their AP class. 

    Step 2 – is the payment process. Legacy High School utilizes Total Registration to collect student payments. Students need to create an account if they have not previously done so, or log-in to an existing Total Registration account.

    Students will pay for all AP exams online with credit/debit, or by mailing a check to Total Registration, LLC.  If you are not requesting any of the waivers explained below, you can pay online right away.  More information will be provided as you complete the registration process on Total Registration.

    If you have requested the state subsidy waiver or the free/reduced lunch waiver, you will need to wait for waiver approval in order to calculate your final amount due. This may take up to a few days. Once your request has been evaluated, you will see your final bill on your Total Registration account. 

    What is Total Registration and why does Legacy use it for AP Exam registration?

    Total Registration is a company that provides exam registration and payment services to high schools throughout the country. Total Registration helps improve order accuracy and registration efficiency for involved staff at the school.

    Do I register for each exam separately or can I place one order for all my AP exams?

    You place one order for all your AP exams.

    What is the cost of the AP exam?

    The cost for each AP exam this school year is $101.00. This includes a $3.00 fee per exam that covers the costs of exam administration at Legacy High School.

    What is the state subsidy and how can I use it to waive my AP exam fees?

    The state subsidizes AP Exam fees in the areas of Math, Science, and English. Covered AP Exams include Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Environmental Science, Computer Science A, Computer Science Principles, Statistics, English Language & Composition, and English Literature & Composition.

    How do I apply for the waiver?

    You must answer “Yes” to the question “WAIVER ELIGIBILITY: Are you taking any AP exams in:  Biology, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Chemistry, Computer Science A, Computer Science Principles, English Language, English Literature, Environmental Science, Physics, or Statistics?  (NOTE: You may be eligible for reduced exam fees based on how many exams you have taken in your lifetime).”

    When you answer “Yes,” you will be placed in a queue where Ms. Katie Wald will approve/deny requests based on whether the selected exam is eligible for the waiver. She will then need to manually enter the waiver amount for each of the exams requested. This process can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days, depending on the number of people in the queue.

    What does the AP exam cost for a student on free or reduced lunch?

    Advanced Placement reduces the cost of AP exams to $54 for students who are part of the Federal Free or Reduced-Price Lunch Program. That fee applies to exams in Studio Art, Psychology, United States Government & Politics, and United States History.

    For those taking exams in the areas covered by the state subsidy (math, science, and English; see information above) students can receive 4 free exams (lifetime count).

    The tables below breakdown down the AP exam costs based on the information shared above

    Additional Fees:

    There is a fee of $40 per exam (in addition to base exam fee) if you register for an exam (any exam besides AP Government) or cancel an exam after the registration deadline of Friday, October 13th.  There is a fee of $40 per exam (in addition to base exam fee) if you register for the ***AP Government exam or cancel the exam after the registration deadline of Friday, March 1st.

    ***The AP Government course is only a second semester course (new for the 2023-24 school year), so please note the deadline to register/pay for the AP Government exam is later than all the other AP exams.

    If I have further questions about AP Exam registration, who can I talk to?

    Contact Ms. Katie Wald via email katie_wald@bismarckschools.org, or by phone 323-4850 (ext. 6262).  She would be happy to assist with any questions you may have.