Junior Group Guidance

  • All students will attend 40 minutes of Guidance each week. It is very beneficial as students will go over many things. 

    Each student will:
    • Receive information regarding post-high school educational training options including college (technical, 2 year, 4 year, and beyond), military, apprenticeship, and on the job training.
    • Develop skills to navigate the internet and RUReady to explore post-secondary options and review high school and/or experience requirements for entry level admissions.
    • Understand how to search and apply for scholarship and navigation the financial aid process.
    • Evaluate external factors related to the career/major decision making process.
    • Review 4 year plan and revise as necessary.
    • Discuss the ACT and WorkKeys assessments.
    • Explore careers through interaction with local professionals. This may be done through interviews, job-shadowing, speakers, etc.
    • Learn techniques for managing stress and conflict.
    • Develop an awareness and recognition of warning signs to help prevent self-harm and suicide.