Sophomore Group Guidance

  • All students will attend 40 minutes of Guidance each week. It is very beneficial as students will go over many things. 

    Each student will:
    • Evaluate internal factors related to the career decision making process.
    • Complete an interest inventory.
    • Review electronic portfolio on RUReadyND. Explore career interests and education needed.
    • Compare graduation and college entrance requirements (GPA, class rank, credits, specific courses).
    • Review current 4 year plan and revise as necessary considering career, college, and ND scholarship requirements.
    • Create a resume, learn job seeking skills, conduct mock interviews, and learn how to secure an internship.
    • Learn about and practice healthy decision making and problem-solving skills. Understand the consequences of choices.
    • Develop an awareness and recognition of warning signs to help prevent self-harm and suicide.
    • Examine the physical, emotional, and legal consequences of harassment and bullying