Freshmen Group Guidance

  • All students will attend 40 minutes of Guidance each week. It is very beneficial as students will go over many things. 

    Each student will:
    • Participate in an orientation to Legacy High School, including LHS expectations.
    • Learn and apply time management and study skills in order to effectively navigate high school to achieve maximum academic and personal growth.
    • Learn about graduation and North Dakota scholarship requirements.
    • Understand how to read a high school transcript, calculate GPA, and common high school academic terms.
    • Complete an interest assessment. Identify career clusters for further exploration.
    • Review or complete a 4 year high school plan.
    • Review anti-bullying and harassment policies and appropriate steps to take in these situations.
    • Develop an awareness and recognition of warning signs to help prevent self-harm and suicide.
    • Identify self-help and adult resources within the building and the community.