• Eligibility Requirements:
    Members must be students of Legacy High School

    Description of Club:
    The mission is to provide a safe place for students to support one another, to serve as a voice of acceptance and understanding for LGBTQIA+ youth, and to help educate the school about LGBTQIA+ issues. They are an open-door club and respect every student's right to privacy. All students are welcome to join us. 

    Time Commitment:
    Biweekly meetings occur from 3:30-4:30 pm in room B108. Those serving in officer positions for society will be asked to work on details outside of this meeting time. Events/activities may allow for additional time to be spent on GSA engagements. 

    Procedures for Joining:
    Attend a meeting and get your name on the list!

    Activity Time Period:
    September through May

    Membership Limit:

    Kelsey Bartholomew

    Room A103