Social Studies

  • Social Studies Statement:

    Social Studies is a vital area for students in becoming informed citizens of North Dakota, the USA, and the World.  The Legacy High School Social Studies department is committed to teaching 21st century skills in the process of making our students college, career and college ready.  Our department has four required courses (Global Studies, U.S. History, Government, and Economics) that will expose students to vital knowledge that is essential to being a responsible contributing member of society.  We also offer a variety of electives; Criminal Law, North Dakota History, Native American Studies, History 1763, World History, Sociology, Psychology, AP Psychology, AP U.S. History, and AP Government.   These courses allow students to branch off and explore various aspects of history and human development.  In unison with Legacy High School beliefs, we incorporate many diferent styles of assessment including PBL among others.

    Social Studies Department Staff:

    Brittany Christenson (Department Leader)
    Christy Beck
    Tom Bushaw
    Jaxon Fitterer
    Jordan Kleinjan
    Kristine Montgomery
    Landen Schmeichel
    Kohl Stewart
    Matt Thorton
    Justin Zainhofsky


Civic Center Practice Questions

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