Physical Education

  • Physical Education Department Statement:

    The goal of Legacy’s Physical Education Department is to provide our students with a variety of classes and opportunities for them to be successful with lifetime participation in physical activity. Students can choose to be in Aquatics, Outdoor Recreation, Lifetime Fitness, Strength and Conditioning, Team Sports, Individual and Dual Sports, Fit Female, and Fit Male based on personal interest and enjoyment. At Legacy High School, students are given the opportunity to excel in their talents. Legacy’s PE staff provides positive encouragement and assistance for all students because culture here matters.

    Mission Statement:

    The mission of the Legacy High School Physical Education Department is to offer a variety of activities that promote positive attitudes towards lifetime physical activity, fitness, and recreation/sport skills.  Each student will be empowered with the knowledge and skills to make lifestyle choices that will impact his/her health and wellness.

    Physical Education Department Staff:

    Chris Clements (Department Leader)

    Kim Eckroth

    Luke Elgie

    Paige Jangula

    Jake Leingang

    Scott McPherson

    Steven Monk