Medical Related Careers (MRC)

  • Medical Related Careers Statement:

    Medical Related Careers provides students interested in the health care field basic health care concepts fundamental to a wide variety of health careers, as well as their own personal health care. Students will gain skills necessary for a medical career such as training in infection control and first aid and CPR for the professional rescuer. Advanced courses provide students with a foundation in basic health care concepts fundamental to various health care settings, as well as the opportunity for the students to expand their basic health care skills and knowledge through clinical (job shadowing) experiences in a students' specific area of interest. Students may choose to train and sit for the state examination to become a certified nursing assistant (CNA) or expand knowledge in sports medicine such as prevention, recognition, and immediate care of athletic injuries; physical conditioning; equipment fitting; rehabilitation of athletic injuries; basic nutrition; blood borne pathogens; HIPAA; taping and wrapping techniques and other related medical conditions.

    Medical Related Careers Staff:

    Joelean Lowman