• Math Department Mission Statement:

    It is the mission of the LHS mathematics department to assist students in developing the critical thinking skills necessary to make sense of problems, reason abstractly, and model with mathematics.


    The Math Department at Legacy highly recommends purchasing a calculator for your student.
    A scientific calculator works great for Algebra I through Algebra II.
    A graphing calculator is strongly encouraged for students who plan to take Precalculus, Calculus, and Statistics. Graphing calculators are provided in the classroom and in the Math Saber Center.

    The TI-30XIIs is recommended for a scientific calculator.
    The TI-84 Plus (any version) is recommended for a graphing calculator.

    If your son or daughter is unsure if their current calculator will be acceptable or work for this class, have them ask a member of the math department and we can make sure.



    Math Department Staff:

    Heather Kostelecky (Department Leader)

    Andrea Aus

    Courtney Huck

    Sara Kincaid

    Catherine Littlefield

    Alicia Marsh

    Tasha Martin

    Melissa Mortvedt

    Val Opdahl

    Steve Schultz

    Nick Van

    Nick Weis