You can send in your address changes by email to registrar@bismarckschools.org
    fax 701-323-4111 or send by mail to 806 N. Washington Bismarck, ND 58501

    If you have moved recently, please notify your school or the Registration office of the change. 
    Fill out the Address Change Form and supply One Primary Proof of Residence with the parent(s) name on the document. 

    *If you change your address after the start of the first day of school, you may not be eligible to attend your boundary school. (based on availability) 

    Home mortgage statement OR
    Builder's agreement OR
    Purchase agreement OR
    Homeowners or renters insurance policy OR
    Burleigh County property tax statement OR
    Lease/rental agreement (must list the names of the parents/guardians living in the rental unit, plus the manager's name and phone number.

    *If you do not have one of the above documents with your name on it, you can fill out a Residency Affidavit and get it Notarized attesting to the fact that you live with the person whos name is on the documents.