• AP Exam Registration Directions

    Please note: AP students at Century are responsible for registering for all of the AP Exams they will be taking in May. Teachers, counselors, and/or AP coordinators do not register students for the exams. Students will have the option to register for exams during class on September 18-19, 2019. Students who do not register at that time must complete registration by October 11, 2019. All payments must be finalized by October 11, 2019 in order to complete registration.

    Registration after October 11, 2019 will result in a $40 late fee. Students who do not register for exams during the fall window will have until February 28, 2020 to pay the late fee and register for the exam. Students who change their minds and decide not to take the exam will receive a refund for the exam, minus a $40 cancelation fee per College Board regulations.


    If you have trouble with registration, follow both steps below:

    Part 1 - Exam Registration:

    1. Log in to your College Board (My AP) account at https://myap.collegeboard.org/login
    2. Scroll down to where you see a yellow button with the words "Register For Exam". Click on the button.
    3. Click on "Confirm Registration" to register for the exam listed on that pop-up. 


    Part 2 - Exam Payment:

    1. Go to https://user.totalregistration.net/AP/350159 
    2. Enter personal email address, student’s first name, and student’s last name. Click “Next”.
    3. Finish creating an account by entering requested information. Click “Next”.
    4. All Century students should select “Yes” to question “Are you a student enrolled at Century High School?” Homeschool students may select “No”. Click “Next”.
    5. For the question, "Do you have an existing College Board student account?" answer accordingly. All students should have set up a College Board account in their classrooms in order to access My AP classroom resources. Then answer the question "Does your existing College Board account use the email __?" If no, you will need to enter the email address used for your College Board account. 
    6. Fill in all student information as requested. Pay special attention to the following:
      1. Question: “Are you qualified for the Federal Free or Reduced Lunch Program?”
        1. If you receive free or reduced lunch at the school, you need to answer “Yes” to this question. Answering yes will place you in an approval queue where Mrs. Sailer will confirm free/reduced status. Students who receive free/reduced lunch are eligible for reduced exam fees.
      2. Question: “WAIVER ELIGIBILITY: Are you taking any AP exams in Biology, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Chemistry, Computer Science A, Computer Science Principles, English Language, English Literature, Physics, or Statistics?”
        1. This question determines your eligibility for the state subsidy that waives a portion of the AP Exam fee. All students taking AP Exams in Math, Science, English, and Computer Science are eligible for this waiver, but you must answer “Yes” to the question. When you answer “Yes”, you will be placed in an approval queue where Mrs. Sailer will confirm your eligibility and award the appropriate amount of waivers. Students can receive up to 4 waivers during their high school career. The first waiver is a full waiver (or $94 off) and the next 3 are half waivers (or $47 off). You will not be considered for a waiver if you do not answer “Yes” to this question.
      3. Question: “Are you eligible for testing accommodations?         
        1. Students who are eligible for accommodations should have already been contacted by Mrs. Sailer or the AP teacher. If you have not been approached on this subject, but you have an IEP or 504 Plan in place, you need to select “Yes” in order to be considered for accommodations.
      4. When all fields have been entered, click on “Next”.
    7. Enter parent/guardian information as requested. When finished, click “Next”.
    8. On the next page, you will select all of the AP Exams you wish to take this year. You may register for all exams in one order. Check the box for the subject and select the corresponding teacher for the given subject. If you are a homeschool student, you may select a teacher’s name even if you do not go to school at Century. In rare cases, a student may wish to take an exam not offered here at Century. If you wish to do this, answer “Yes” to the question “Would you like to take an AP exam not listed above?” Most students will answer “No” to this question. Click “Next”.
    9. If you are not requesting a fee waiver (ie: you are not taking any exams in Math, Science, or English), you will be asked to pay now by credit card or pay later by credit card, check, or cash. Choose accordingly.
    10. A pop-up will display stating "Your registration is not complete". Click out of the pop-up then check all of your information to ensure that it is accurate. Scroll to the bottom and read the refund policy. Check the required box and then click "Next".
    11. If you are requesting a waiver for free/reduced lunch or for the state subsidy in Math, Science, English, or Computer Science, you will be directed to a page stating that you cannot pay your balance until Century High School approves/denies your waiver request. 


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