• Family and Consumer Sciences
    (36 Days)


    Creative Sewing (09029)       Level 9-12               Credit: 1/2

    Creative sewing is a fun introductory class that includes sewing several projects. Use of the sewing machine and other sewing equipment is included. Students will learn about various aspects of the fashion industry as well.

    Fashion (09029) Level 9-12 Credit: 1/2

    A variety of sewing projects will be completed. Fabric, price, quality, and construction techniques will all be discussed in relation to individual consumer needs. Along with discussion of updates in the textile and fashion industry, areas to be covered will include: personal color analysis, designs which complement the figure, and current trends and issues in fashion. Students will also explore the fashion industry and its methods of production and merchandising, as well as careers in fashion, design and merchandising.

    Advanced Fashion (09030)       Level 10-12              Credit: 1/2

    Prerequisite: Fashion or comparable sewing background. Cost of fabric and supplies is the responsibility of the student.

    This course allows students to take a step further into creating various advanced sewing projects based upon individual student skills and interests. Students will also expand their knowledge of the fashion industry, including designers, publications and trends.

    Family Living (09132) Level 11-12 Credit: 1/2

    (Substitutes for 1/2 credit of the 12th grade physical education) This course will help students to better understand the opposite sex, learn how to relate to friends, learn how to identify and avoid abusive relationships, lessen their chances of divorce, and cope with family crisis and change. All areas of the life cycle are covered. This class contains contemporary topics that some students may find controversial.

    Independent Living
    (09025) Level: 11-12 Credit: 1/2

    This course is designed to better equip students for ‘real world’ life after moving out on their own. Topics covered include: job hunting skills, money management, saving and investing, establishing and using credit, protection from identify theft, purchasing an automobile, rights and responsibilities of apartment living, healthy food choices, and living on an overall budget.

    Parenting  (09130) Level 11-12 Credit: 1/2

    (Substitutes for 1/2 credit of 12th grade physical education) This course is designed to prepare both males and females for one of life’s major roles: that of developing positive and realistic attitudes and effective skills for parenting. Pregnancy, parenting roles of fathers and mothers, single parenting, and other parenting concerns are emphasized in this class. This class contains contemporary topics that some students may find controversial.