• Art:
    (42 Days)

    Art I (02020)  Credit : 1/2 or 1

    This course gives the student opportunity to develop their creative and artistic skills through the study of basic drawing materials and techniques. Pencil, charcoal/conte crayon, pastels and pen and ink include some of the mediums explored. A study of color theory and introductions to printmaking, sculpture and the virtual world are also presents.

    II (02020) Credit: 1/2 or 1   Prerequisite: Art I and a consultation with the instructor.

    After receiving art fundamentals, printmaking and painting will be introduced. In printmaking, students will produce a series of print from linoleum blocks, woodcuts and monotypes. In painting, mediums explored will be watercolor and acrylic. All painting supplies will be provided. Art History will also be introduced, providing students with knowledge of a variety of artists, their styles and works. 

    III (02020) Credit: 1/2 or 1   Prerequisite: Art I and II and a consultation with the instructor.

    This course builds on skills developed in Art I and Art II. Advanced Techniques in painting in watercolor, acrylic, oil and mixed media will be emphasized. Students will be required to study the life, works and techniques of a ‘classical’ artist, reproducing some works and then mimicking that style in original works. Students will be encouraged to focus on their creative and artistic strengths working independently. 

    IV (02020) Credit: 1/2 or 1     Prerequisite: Art III and a consultation with the instructor.

    Advanced art techniques in all available mediums (drawing, painting, sculpture and mixed media) are explored with students encouraged to develop their own artistic style through independent projects in a selected medium. Included requirements for credit will be a portfolio of accumulated work and independent student show. 

    Arts & Crafts
    (02020) Credit: 1/2 or 1

    Arts & Crafts students will explore the rich history of crafts as an art form and learn the techniques used to create them. Areas of study will vary from semester to semester. Among crafts to be studied will be stained glass, mosaic, jewelry making, knitting and batik. Students will gain a broad knowledge of traditional and modern craft techniques.