• Absences - if you plan for your child to be absent for any reason, please send a note to the attendance office three days in advance to get a “RAD” (Request for Advance Dismissal).  This will serve as a notice for teachers and get their assignments.  The RAD should be completed and turned into the attendance office.  


    Leaving the School During the Day - To reduce the number of classroom interruptions.  Please submit a note with the reason before school begins the day of the request.  A “Cut-Slip” will be given to the child excusing him/her from class at the noted time.  If the student is leaving with a person other than Parent or Guardian that must also be noted.  Please arrive at the school office as close to the noted time as possible.    


    Students must check in or out of the office every time they leave the building.

    For Medical excuses, notes are needed from the Drs. Office.

    All notes must be signed by a Parent or Guardian.  

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