World Languages

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    Leonard Curtin TEACHER - GERMAN    701-323-4800 Ext. 6101 Send E-Mail
    Jason Fritz TEACHER - SPANISH   701-323-4800 Ext. 6102 Send E-Mail
    JaeLyn Lardy TEACHER - SPANISH   701-323-4800  Send E-Mail
    Ricardo Pierre-Louis TEACHER - FRENCH   701-323-4800 Ext. 6023 Send E-Mail


    The goal of the World Language program is to prepare students to communicate effectively with speakers of a different language.  Why is learning another language essential for Bismarck students?  It is important to prepare our students for success in a rapidly changing world where language and communication with other cultures is essential.  World language study brings many academic and cognitive benefits to students.  It has been shown to positively affect standardized test scores, such as the SAT and ACT.  Learning another language strengthens critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.  Finally, world language study enhances students’ respect for and raises awareness of other cultures, as well as providing a competitive edge in career and personal life.

    It is strongly recommended that all students in the Bismarck School District study a world language.  Students should study one world language, for four consecutive years, as length of study is the most important factor in becoming a proficient communicator.  Most colleges and universities require at least two consecutive years of study of one world language.  Competitive schools often require three or four years.  Several years of world language study gives students a competitive edge in college admissions.

    Levels II, III and IV of each language have a prerequisite (check course description).

    The upper level classes (III/IV) in each discipline could be combined depending on enrollment.